Teen Patti Master: Betting Terms All Players Should Know in Teen Patti Real Cash Game

If you want to get good at playing Teen Patti, you need to know the words people use when they bet. This guide explains the common words you'll hear, so you understand them better. By the end, you should know these words well and also learn how to use them to become a better player and win money. Knowing the risks and how much you can bet helps you win more and lose less.

Common Betting Terms


At the start of the game, there is a mandatory bet and this bet ensures that every player has a stake in the game. This mandatory bet we're talking about is called the ante. The money that the play is ante goes into the pot for that round, encouraging active participation from you and your opponents and setting the stage for subsequent betting rounds. Of course, only the winner can take the contents of the pot, which is why you have to be quite careful with how much you want to ante. Whether you're looking to “win more” or “lose less” are two different strategies that you have to consider when playing this game.


If you're making a bet before the cards are even dealt, that's what we call a “blind”. The difference between blinds and antes is whether or not players have seen their cards before they begin contributing to the pot. In some variations of online Teen Patti, there can be what we call a big blind and a small blind, both of which are predetermined amounts that players must contribute before they see the cards in their hands.


Sometimes players may wish to match the current bet made by another player, as a show of confidence. This action is what we call a “call”, where they will contribute an equal amount to the bet made by the previous player, allowing them to keep the Hand and stay in the current round. Players usually choose to call when they believe their hand has the potential to win and they wish to compete for the pot.


Unlike call, raise is not only matching the same amount as the previous player but you are putting more on top of it. Effectively you are raising the stakes and therefore require subsequent players to match this new or higher bet in order to continue playing. If they cannot match that they will most likely have to fold. You can consider this to be a strategic move to put pressure on other players and extract more money from them. However, if your hand is not ideal, you should expect to be losing quite a hefty sum if you choose to raise it. In addition, players will learn of your betting habits throughout the game and if they see that you raise with a suboptimal hand, other players may choose to act upon this information.

The Pot

The money accumulated from bets all go towards the pot. The pot represents all the money that players choose to invest and is the prize for this round. This includes voluntary and involuntary bets, from the standard blinds at the beginning of the ground to when another player chooses to raise the stakes. To determine who wins the contents of the pot, it falls to whichever player remaining in the round has the best hand. If there are ties between players with the best hand combination, the winnings will be split evenly between these players. Of course, there could be players that have chosen to fold and are therefore unable to win the contents of the pot for that round.

Online Teen Patti Betting Structures

Pot Limit

In certain Teen Patti games, a "pot limit" may be implemented as a betting structure. This means that the maximum amount a player can bet or raise is limited to the current size of the pot. The bets are constrained by the total accumulated chips or money in the pot throughout the game.

No Limit

In a "no limit" betting structure, there are no restrictions on the maximum bet or raise a player can make. This format allows players to wager any amount of chips or money they have available at any given moment during the game.

Minimum Betting Limit

The minimum betting limit sets the minimum required contribution of chips or money that a player must place when betting or raising. It ensures that there is a minimum stake or investment in the game. The minimum bet is typically established at the beginning of the game or round.

Maximum Betting Limit

On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum betting limit represents the highest allowable amount of chips or money that a player can wager in a single bet or raise. It acts as an upper boundary on the size of bets, preventing excessively large wagers that could disrupt the game's dynamics.

Other Betting Terms


In Teen Patti, the term "boot" refers to the initial mandatory bet that each player must contribute at the start of a hand. The boot is a fixed amount that establishes the minimum stake to begin the game and initiate the betting rounds. It ensures there is an initial pot to compete for.


The "stake" signifies the amount of money or chips that a player puts at risk or invests in a specific game or hand. It represents the value that each player is willing to risk to win the pot.

Table Stakes

Similar to stakes, "table stakes" denote the maximum amount of money or chips that a player can bring to the table or have in their possession while playing the game. It sets a limit on the total stake a player can have at any given time during the game. The table stakes are typically established to ensure that players have an adequate amount of chips or money to continue participating and make meaningful bets. It maintains a certain level of competitiveness and prevents continuous reloading or adding of chips beyond the predefined limit.

Applying Your Knowledge to Teen Patti Online

Once you have acquired a comprehensive understanding of ante terms and betting structures, you are almost ready to play for real cash. Take the next step by downloading Teen Patti Master today and embark on your gaming adventure. Enjoy the convenience of playing against opponents from around the world, all from the comfort of your own home.